LED Flex

Power Boost LED Flex highest lumens (200 lm/Watt) performance among the kinds but saves power consumption over 25%!
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Japanese brand “Senji” soldering paste of top quality.
Top Rank close to 1 Watt SMD Epistar dice – best reliability.
Over 4000 Lumens/Meter (cool white) at only 21W/meter power consumption, save money on power supply over 30% in general.
~200 lumens/ Watt (cool white) – Top efficiency of the ranges.
U/L approved PCB with 2 oz copper layers - increase endurance of LED Flex application and decrease voltage drop issues!
112 LED or 80 LED /meter – 8 LED / section circuit design achieve higher brightness at the least power compare the general design 6 LED/section which loss much energy on resistors and generate unnecessary heat on strips.