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SunLike (Seoul Semiconductor) technology is reproducing the spectrum curve of the natural sunlight (intensity of each wavelength including the red, orange, yellow, green, blue, navy, and purple), replicating almost the same characteristics as natural light.

Seoul Semiconductor has demonstrated the benefits of SunLike natural spectrum LEDs through research activities focusing on the effects of learning abilities, visual comfort and sleep quality to improve circadian rhythm. Research found that exposure to short-wavelength enriched light with daylight-like spectrum improves key components of learning such as working memory, cognitive processing speed, and testing accuracy.
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Human centric light source brings comfort to the eyes and improve circadian rhythm.
sun spectrum LED light
Excellent light source for horticultural, galleries, hospitals, hotels, high fashion, studios, dental.
Special UV dice (Seoul Semiconductor patent) to imitate the natural sun light reveal the original color of objects.
High efficiacy 4 LED cutting section in 24V.
5 years warranty.

Dim Warm

Dim to Warm light as member of Human Centric family imitate incandescent and halogen lamps dim to a warm CCT at lower levels. They deliver CCT 3000K light at full power yet smoothly reduce the CCT to 1800K at the lowest levels. Our Patent circuit design provide the best effective smooth dimming curve overcome the short fall of the existing market designs.
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Dim Warm effect gives warm and welcome atmosphere feeling to hotels, restaurants, hospitals, residentials.
Patent design # (ZL 2018 2 0875487.1) provide the best solution to smoothly dim warm at levels.
Dim Warm LED Flex and Panel provide various solutions for application requirement.
CRI>90 2835 SMD package with pure gold wires bonding, Mitsubishi phosphor, Senji solderdering paste.