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"Aurinko" means SUN in Finnish, we hope to bring the sunlight where there is darkness. Thanks for the best component suppliers like SEOUL, NICHIA, EPISTAR provide the light source close to the spectrums of sun rays - to reveal all true colours with our high CRI rendering LED products at consistence quality and affordable prices!

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High Quality Component

Only use the best available high quality industrial materials namely Nichia,CREE, Samsung, Epistar, U/L PCBs…

Durable and Reliable

Designed for heavy duty usage and long lasting.

Environmental Friendly

Earth-friendly products that contribute to green living or practices that help conserve natural resources.

Easy Assembly Maintenance

Every product we carry has keep special engineer design to ensure easy and efficient assembly and maintenance.

Cost Effective

Implement JIT production methodology in manufacturing to ensure the minimum associated cost which result in best cost effective product to customer.


Dedicated account manager and engineer to address any queries raised by customer.


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